compact optical cryostat

most compact standalone optical cryostat

fits in every laboratory

cold plate integrated into optical breadboard

obstruction-free work space & optical access

fully customizable vacuum shrouds

can be customized to almost every need

With the attoDRY800xs optical cryostat, attocube has taken the revolutionary concept of the attoDRY800 to the next level: many researchers want to set up quantum optics experiments at cryogenic temperatures, but don‘t have room for a(nother) conventional optical table, or big cryostats which occupy several m3 of precious lab space. 

The attoDRY800xs overcomes this limitation, being the most compact platform ever for quantum optics experiments: a customizable cryogenic shroud, equipped with the optical setup that you desire, integrated into an optical breadboard. The result is the first standalone optical cryostat ever, where the cold sample space is perfectly embedded into an obstruction-free workspace.

All this in less than 17‘‘ x 28‘‘, while preserving all key advantages of the original attoDRY800, such as a similar low vibration performance, versatility through customizable vacuum shrouds adopted to the needs of your experiment, and automated temperature control, gas handling and remote control. 

Therefore, the attoDRY800xs can enable to set up a self-contained experiment directly on its optical breadboard, or it can be placed adjacent to existing larger optical tables with fiber coupling between the optical elements.

Choose your favorite Shroud

Vacuum Shrouds

Anticipating typical configurations, we have designed several standard vacuum shrouds and cold shields for the attoDRY800/800xs optical cryostat, that are intended for certain types of positioners, sample holders, working distances and objectives. These options constitute an economic pre-configured set of components that give the user a head start for his research with optics at low and variable temperatures.

The vacuum shroud can have an almost arbitrary shape depending on the experimental needs of each user. We distinguish between standard configurations, which cover the most typical applications, and fully customized configurations.


For a detailed definition of used terms and descriptions please visit our Closed-Cycle Cryostats Glossary

General Specifications
technologycompact optical cryostat integrated into optical breadboard
sample environmentcryogenic vacuum, sample cooled via braids (ATC100)
sample space75 mm (diameter)
sample exchangeeasy access via removal of vacuum shroud
usabilityfully automated temperature control (vacuum, cooldown, T control, warmup), all pumps integrated, USB interface for remote control
vibration & acoustic noise damping systemproprietary low vibration design
Performance Data
temperature range3.8 .. 320 K (depending on configuration)
Base pressure (in sample chamber)< 5e-6 mbar
leak rate of vacuum< 5e-9 mbar l/s
cool down time (incl. pumping time)< 4.5 h to 5 K (depending on thermal load)
temperature stability< 15 mK (peak-to-peak with damped sample mount)
cooling power at cold plate> 170 mW @ 5 K
vibration level (cold plate, vertical)< 5 nm (peak-to-peak@1500 Hz)
power consumptionmax. 3 kW
cooling of compressorwater cooling (default; requires local infrastructure)
Size and Dimensions
cryostat (width x depth x height)430 x 710 x 890 mm³
additional weight capacity120 kg
Options and Upgrades
temperature controllerincluded
pumping kitincluded
vacuum shroudBasic (standard shroud); upgrade options: RT-SWD, RT-USWD, LT-APO objective, HV objective, Photonic Probe Station, or customized height, diameter, windows & working distance
electrical access36 customer wires included, heat sunk @ 4 K (additional wiring on request)
feedthroughselectrical (DC, HF), optical fibers, gas capillary (on request)
sample motionlow temperature positioners
cryostat compressor upgradeair-cooled (grey-room recommended)
flexlinesextension to 13 m or 20 m (instead of 6 m)
confocal Raman microscopescryoRaman (on request)
Cryogenic Photonic Probe Stationconfocal microscope with 2 fiber probes for side excitation/detection
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