Fiber Array Alignment

Fiber Array Alignment

ultra precise fiber postitioning

We generate today more data than ever before and cannot imagine a life without the global communications network, cloud based applications, or video streaming. Fiber optical data transmission makes this possible. Growth of data usage and demand for increasing bandwidths drives the need for a global mass production and development for improved fiber optics technology. 

Accuracy is essential regarding fabrication as well as assembly of microstructured components, such as fiber optics array alignments. Reliable, multiaxial positioning devices are needed in this process involving a wide variety of components, which all require accuracy on a submicron level in order to reduce any connection loss.

attocube's solution

In the field of micro assembly, attocube stages are ideal as they can be driven in coarse as well as fine positioning mode. The fibers can easily be moved on a mm range to the desired position, followed by fine-adjustments on a nm level.

Piezo driven stages also distinguish themselves with its long-term stability when keeping a specific position. Stacking of different positioners enables multi-axis solutions. 

Download the Application Note: Fiber Alignment with Micrometer Precision



  • high stability
  • stackable positioners
  • coarse & fine movement