Multi-Axis Stage Characterization & Position Control

Multi-Axis Stage Characterization & Position Control

for EUV mask inspection & lithography

EUV lithography has become the key technology for advanced microchip manufacturing. By using a shorter wavelength the transistor density can be increased, enabling higher computing power in ever smaller devices.

To further enhance process stability leading manufacturers deploy EUV technology not only in the lithography process itself, but also use actinic photomask inspection to frequently monitor pattern imperfections or changes in reflection properties throughout the reticle´s lifetime. Such inspection at EUV wavelength requires vacuum conditions and - to achieve nanometer precision - a vacuum compatible, yet fast and ultra-precise sensor for stage characterization or even closed-loop motion control.

attocube's solution

The compact sensor heads of attocube’s modular and fiber based interferometer sensor IDS3010 can be directly integrated into the machine. This enables nano-precise linear and angular measurements, as well as closed-loop control even under extreme conditions such as high & ultra-high vacuum.

The flexible installation of the sensor heads allows for a 6 DoF analysis and a bandwidth of up to 10 MHz enables ultra-fast stage vibration analysis to achieve ultimate precision during mask inspection.


Displacement Sensor IDS3010

displacement sensors, ids

Control Unit
  • nanometer precision & certified accuracy
  • 10 MHz measurement bandwidth
  • multi-degree of freedom measurement
Sensor Heads
  • ultra high vacuum compatible
  • miniaturized sensor heads
  • compatible with various targets and material