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Your success is our concern. attocube is dedicated to providing first class support to keep your set-up or system running throughout the whole life-cycle. We provide various service and support options to ensure maximum reliability and optimal performance. Contact us, we are here to help!

Support Request

Send us your online support request. Briefly desciribe your problem, attach pictures or screenshots, that makes it easier to help! We're striving to answer every request within 24 hours.

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Remote Support

In case of a problem with any attocube software running on a PC, you can arrange for a remote support session with one of attocube’s support engineers.

remote support first steps

Legacy Products

Overview of phased-out and discontiued products. Recomended alternatives or successors, and information on discontinued support.

legacy products

Terms & Conditions

attocube's terms and conditions shall govern the delivery of goods and services from attocube systems AG. Available for download in English or German.

terms & conditions

Loan Service

Since each application has its own constraints and requirements the real benefits appear when using the products under real conditions. attocube therefore offers loan kits for the IDS3010 and nanopositioner set-ups of the ECS line.

nanopositioner loan kits            interferometer loan kit