Nanoscale Imaging & Spectroscopy

Nanoscale Imaging & Spectroscopy

neaSCOPE - world-leading nanoscopy solutions

neaSCOPE is an application-driven product line for tip-enhanced nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy, serving customer needs in diverse fields of science, engineering and industrial research. neaSCOPE applications include characterization of 2D materials & semiconductor nanostructures, measurements of plasmonic & photonic nanostructures, analysis of polymers & life sciences specimens, as well as cryogenic & ultrafast research studies.

neaSCOPE provides the best nanoscopy solution for all users:

  • correlation nanoscopy for the most complete sample characterization needs,
  • smart products for simplified operation in shared user facilities and R&D labs,
  • software developer kit for expert-users who pushes the edge of nanoscience.

All products include a proprietary AFM designed for nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy in visible, IR and THz spectral ranges.


Market-Leading Technology

Revolutionizes your nanoscale experience with innovations developed by pioneers in tip-enhanced technology. For an overview of all technologies click here.


Unprecedented Upgrade Potential

neaSCOPE modular design guarantees a tailored start for your applications and accommodates your future needs.


Reliability & Ease of Use

Integrated proprietary hardware and intuitive control software provide efficient start and guarantee performance.


No. 1 Choice at Renowned Labs

neaSCOPE functionality & performance is proven by unmatched publication record and scientific impact.