provides complete vibrational analysis at the nanoscale

same spot for nano-FTIR and nano-Raman/PL spectroscopy

using modular design and multi-port access to the AFM-tip

maximum TERS signal even with standard AFM probes

by simple alignment using strong elastic light scattering from the tip

single user interface for all measurement modes

optimized for storing and organizing multidimensional correlative data

IR-neaSCOPE+TERs combines nano-FTIR with TERS and Photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy for an ultimate characterization using elastic and inelastic light scattering from the same microscope.

It allows for simple alignment procedure using complementary IR or visible scattering, which delivers robust nanoscale Raman and PL performance even with standard metallized AFM tips.

Customer Feedback

Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand

CIC nanoGUNE Research Center, Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor, San Sebastian, Spain

After many years of research and development in near-field microscopy, we finally made our dream come true to perform infrared imaging & spectroscopy at the nanoscale. With neaSCOPE we can additionally realize Raman, fluorescence and non-linear nano-spectroscopy.

Prof. Yohannes Abate

California State University Long Beach, Nano-Optics, Long Beach, USA

neaspec provides an ideal and reliable near-field optical microscope. Their expertise has proved invaluable in setting up my experiments.