Synchrotrons & Particle Accelerators

precision motion control

Large scale scattering facilities including synchrotrons provide much more intense sources of light and neutrons than is available in conventional laboratories and enable a whole range of experiments that would not otherwise be possible. The radiation, particularly from x-ray sources, is increasingly highly focused and is often used for spatially resolved investigations with precision down to tens of nanometers. These demanding requirements for resolution need both a highly stable infrastructure to transport the radiation and a nanometer precise motion solution and in the end station to translate the sample in the beam.

attocube offers components including laser interferometers for precise and contactless motion and vibrometry measurements and robust and rugged positioners for highly stable nanopositioning. Apart, from components, integrated setups involving both product lines and benefiting from attocube’s engineering expertise help to minimize the time to result for applications such x-ray microscopy.