Laser Beam Adjustment & Optics Alignment

Laser Beam Adjustment & Optics Alignment

ultra precise beam steering

Most metrology processes, such as wavefront or optical metrology, require some type of light shaping in order to reach a specific wavelength or ion selection. Using different optical components; as e.g. shutters, apertures, lenses and mirrors, the beam from a light source can be shaped and guided towards the desired location.

These optical components need to be adjusted in all imaginable orientations and aligned within highest precision to ensure the desired beam outcome.

attocube's solution

attocube positioners are based on a modular design concept which makes it easy to achieve all different kinds of multi-axis solutions to ensure the movement of optical components in all imaginable orientations.

Moreover, these positioners are UHV compatible without compromising for its high precision in movement. In addition, attocube stages offer a low particle generation, optimal for clean and/or vacuum environments.

Download the Application Note: Beam Steering with Customized Positioners



  • nanometer precision
  • stackable positioners
  • UHV compatibility up to 5x10-11 mbar