Quantum Technology

Quantum Technology

industrial cryogenics & precision components for quantum photonics 

The last years have seen a steady surge in worldwide quantum funding. This results in a whole new fast evolving industry with first commercial applications in quantum computing. All these approaches hold the promise to solve computation tasks that are virtually impossible to solve by classical processors, and offer ambitious solutions for the so-called quantum communication area. The latter could pave the way towards a quantum internet based on inherently 'uncrackable' security. 

The core of all these technologies is constituted by quantum states and processes, such as single photon sources, trapped ions or superconducting or photonic qubits.

In order to maintain their quantum nature, these delicate states mostly require cryogenic environments, low vibrations, as well as high vacuum. Mechanical, electrical, and optical components have to be positioned with highest precision in these extreme environments, and costly system failure must be prevented by extensive pretesting. attocube offers world leading low vibration, and unique compact rack cryostats, as well as high precision components to align, operate and test such advanced quantum systems.

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