Optics and Spectroscopy

Optics and Spectroscopy

quantum optics

The research field of Quantum Optics studies the interaction between light and matter at the submicroscopic level. In contrast to classical optics, quantum optics describes light with the characteristics of particles, the photons resulting in a new field of physics.

With various products and setups, attocube is a strong partner of scientists all over the world for optical spectroscopy on quantum dots, NV centers, quantum wires and more mesoscopic devices. attocube's platforms offer a way to work on single photon sources and detectors for quantum information processing as well as the characterization of graphene or other 2D materials.

Research Fields

  • quantum dots
  • NV centers
  • single photon sources & detectors
  • nano photonics & plasmonics
  • low dimensional systems such as graphene and 2D materials
  • other quantum devices, e.g. nanotubes, nanowires
  • optical material properties

Application Snippets