Customization and Integration of Motion and Sensing Components

Because high precision applications have specific requirements concerning certification, travel range, or clean room compatibility that cannot be covered by our standard products, we offer a broad range of customized components and sub-modules as well as integrated systems solutions.

Combining our competencies in nanopositioning, interferometry, and customization enables best-fitting solutions for our customers to realize even applications that are pushing the limits of the technical feasibility. At attocube we work hard to make almost anything possible. 

Customized Process Conceive.png

1. Conception

Collection and definition of requirements with our customers and partners.


2. Refinement

Optimization of requirements and system architecture to offer a solution concept.

Customized Process Design.png

3. Design

Detailed design and prototyping by experienced technology experts.

Customized Process Test.png

4. Test

Testing and verification under application conditions (e.g. HV/UHV/extreme temperatures).

Customized Process Launch.png

5. Launch

Integration, installation, and operation support.

Customized Nanopositioning Solutions

Customized Senorics Solutions