Filter & Aperture Wheel Rotation

Filter & Aperture Wheel Rotation

for optical microscopy and metrology

Filter and aperture wheels are a key component in various optical systems as they allow automated and extensive beam manipulation within a compact form factor. This is especially relevant for microscopy and inspection systems used for advanced material science or in semiconductor metrology processes, as these systems require complex and large optics to achieve resolutions in the nanometer range.  

In order to image and detect such nanometer structures, any impact on the beam properties must be prevented. Therefore, the individual filters and apertures need to be positioned with highest precision over angular travel ranges of more than 180°. Advanced optical systems even require the positioning of multiple in-line filter wheels in vacuum and cleanroom conditions.  

attocube's solution

In addition to cleanroom and vacuum compatibility down to 10-9 mbar, attocube´s rotation stages offer µ° angular resolution and a 360° endless travel range.

Despite the compact size loads of more than 1 kg are possible and the rotation stage can be easily combined with other piezo positioners for multi-axis movements.     

Nanopositioners - Rotators


  • 1 m° precision
  • UHV compatible up 10-9 mbar
  • 360° endless travel