Single Photon Sources

Single Photon Sources

communication technology for the quantum age

Quantum computing and quantum information processing are currently amongst the hottest and best funded topics in physics. Within this field, single-photon sources and photonic qubits are most promising candidates for photonic realizations of quantum processors, repeaters, and sensors.

Elaborated solutions for Single Photon Sources on chips with high brilliance need to be cooled to cryogenic temperatures during testing procedures as well as during operation. This requires robust and vibration free cooling equipment to give a reliable and productive backbone which users can trust.

As quantum technologies are maturing, they move out of laboratory infrastructures into industrial applications. Hence, especially size, infrastructure autonomy and electrical efficiency of the underlying cooling solutions are getting more and more relevant. 

attocube's solution

attocube provides various systems and components for these applications: The LT microscopes can act as basis for low temperature lithography to manufacture Single Photon Sources. The attoDRY800/800xs cryostats have more and more become the industrial standard for the application of Single Photon emitters, by offering ultra low vibrations and allowing for free beam access with low drift, while cryogenic high-NA objectives as well as positioning fibers enable direct light acquisition from quantum dots into fibers.

The new IGLU compressor acts as an efficient driver for the cooling of single photon sources. Due to its compact size it allows for the integration into environments with very restrictive space conditions (e.g. 19” racks). The low heat generation qualifies the system for operation in most vented or climatized rooms without the need of additional cooling infrastructure, thus offering maximum infrastructure autonomy for the user.


attoDRY800 & attoDRY800xs
  • ultra low vibration
  • low drift free beam access 
  • cryogenic high-NA objectives


IGLU compressor
  • air-cooled, low heat generation
  • 19” rack compatible
  • remote adjustable power