Scientific Analysis

research on the nanoscale

Fundamental research in physics & materials science is often conducted at cryogenic temperatures in order to reduce thermal noise & broadening of optical spectra, but also to be able to observe quantum effects which are per se not visible at ambient conditions. At the same time, miniaturization has been decades long one of the biggest trends also in the natural sciences. This development was partly spurred on by Moore’s law, the metronome of our technological advancement since its invention. Hence, increasing precision, resolution & accuracy have also been key goals for many if not most scientific efforts.

With a large portfolio of cryogenic instruments consisting of a range of nanopositioners, cryostats, scanning probe and confocal microscopes as well as other research tools, attocube’s mission is to enable scientific impact for its customers. This is achieved through precision, passion & ingenuity in a range of fields from quantum optics and mesoscopic physics to material science.