Customized Sensorics Solutions

Having roots in the field of fundamental research, attocube offers a profound understanding of material characteristics and applied technologies not only in ambient, but also in extreme conditions. With the core competence in converting complex scientific devices into user-friendly industry products, attocube collaborated with today’s technological pioneers and developed the first commercial fiber based interferometer on the market.

The modular design makes cutting-edge measurement performance of interferometry accessible for various applications, even in extreme environments, and allows flexible integration into space confined machines and setups. 

It is our goal  to find the perfect solution for your needs, no matter how complex the challenge may be. Despite the versatility enabled by the combination of different standard components, some complex set-ups require services or products that are individually tailored to a specific application or environmental condition. 

Whether you need test measurements, modification of optical components, or consulting on sensor head integration, attocube is your trusted partner for nano precise measurements. Contact us with your request and we will team up to solve your challenge.

Find the fitting sensor head:


Multiple sensor head types and individually customized focal lengths open broad application fields for interferometric measurement tasks. However it can be challenging to understand and derive the resulting key performance criteria for a specific setup. 

Therefore, the shown diagrams provide a detailed overview of dependency between target type, focus length and measurement performance for attocube’s sensor heads.

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Components adjusted for your measurement task: