Volumetric Compensation of Machine Tools and CMMs

Volumetric Compensation of Machine Tools and CMMs

OEM interferometer for automated calibration

The recurring calibration and volumetric compensation of machine tools and CMMs usually requires expensive technical equipment as well as experienced personnel. Existing systems need to be installed individually for each machine axis, which makes calibration expensive and time-consuming.

attocube's solution

The IDS3010 interferometer sensor is the core component of the LineCAL® calibration system offered by ETALON AG. It allows simultaneous, automated determination of all 21 systematic deviation parameters of a tool or probe inside the working volume of a three-axes machine. These parameters comprise positioning deviations, straightness, pitch, yaw, and roll in all three axes as well as the perpendicularity of these axes relative to each other.

Displacement Sensor IDS3010

displacement sensors, ids

  • working distance 0 mm to > 5 meters
  • target velocity up to 2 m/s
  • fiber based sensor heads
  • sensor head diameter 1.2 - 15.5 mm
  • 10MHz bandwidth