Ultra Precise In-Line Travel Property Control

Ultra Precise In-Line Travel Property Control

interferometer for real-time stage guiding accuracy

Motion accuracy is essential for many industrial processes in order to achieve the desired product quality. In particular, CNC machines and CMMs would require permanent In-Line motion control during the machine processes as well as frequent and meticulous calibrations to ensure the highest level of precision.

To optimize the productivity and profitability, machine downtime needs to be kept at its minimum, operating time for the motion measurements should be as low as possible, and most importantly, the accuracy and precision should not be compromised. Partially or fully machine integrated sensoric solutions enable increased efficiency. However, the integration of sub-micrometer measurement systems, which allow motion control with multiple degrees of freedom, is quite challenging.

attocube's solution

attocube’s three-axis miniature interferometer sensor IDS3010 provides ultra-precise real-time measurement of linear target motion as well as analysis of parasitic pitch and yaw motions. If embedded in a closed loop circuitry, motion in three degrees of freedom can be controlled down to the nanometer scale. Miniaturized and fiber-based sensor heads allow flexible and cost efficient machine integration.

Displacement Sensor IDS3010

displacement sensors, ids

  • certified accuracy <1ppm 
  • working distance 0 mm to > 5 meters
  • target velocity up to 2 m/s
  • sensor head diameter 1.2 - 15.5 mm
  • wide range of interfaces (real-time)
  • standardized & automated calibration software