Machine-Integrated Sensors for Motion Capturing

Machine-Integrated Sensors for Motion Capturing

interferometer optimized for machine integration

The growing demand for high accuracy position sensing in machine tools requires cost efficient yet flexible sensors with high resolution at potentially large working ranges. Up to today, glass scale linear encoders are almost the only option. These encoders partially offer single-digit or sometimes also sub-micron resolution, however, due to the fine grating pitch, even the smallest mounting errors would have pronounced effect on the accuracy.

In addition, flatness of mounting surface is critical and achieving the correct air gap between the read head and the scale is a labor-intensive process. Glass scales are also extremely sensitive to contamination and are not immune to thermal expansion. Interferometry on the other hand, is well known for the highest accuracy, but until now the cost and demanding space requirements make it less attractive for mass application and machine integration.

attocube's solution

This challenge is solved by attocube using the ultra-compact IDS3010 interferometer sensor. It is a cost-effective solution and at the same time optimized for machine integration with minimum space requirements and an unrivalled optical performance.

With its contactless measuring technology together with the flexibility and rigidness of sensor heads, attocube offer a much superior solution to glass scale linear encoders. Sub-micron resolution is realized without any tedious integration, and the accuracy is guaranteed regardless to the lengths of the toolpath.

Displacement Sensor IDS3010

displacement sensors, ids

  • certified accuracy<1ppm 
  • working distance 0 mm to > 5 meters
  • target velocity up to 2 m/s
  • sensor head diameter 1.2 - 15.5 mm
  • 10 MHz bandwidth