Axis Calibration Software

Axis Calibration Software

standardized calibration of CNC machines and CMMs

automated calibration based on international standards

guided calibration procedure, automated creation of CNC process & standardized test reports

machine specific data storage and analysis

centralized access to all measurements, flexible data import and extensive longterm evaluations

automated creation of correction tables

error compensated CNC code, improved machine accuracy and before & after comparisons

ultra compact and modular interferometer design

simultaneous measurement of up to 3 axes, highly flexible sensor setup and easy tranport 


On-demand webinar

"Standardized Calibration of CNC Machines"

The AxisCalibration software enables user friendly and standardized calibration of CNC machines and CMMs. It allows to define any type of machine or axis system and create measurement tasks to evaluate the accuracy performance. The intuitive interface guides the user through the calibration step by step and thereby ensures high usability despite a high variety of possible configurations. Measurement tasks can be defined based on international standards (e.g. ISO 230), which ensures conformity with official regulations.

The required CNC code is generated by the software for a broad variety of machine control interfaces and thereby enables full automation of the measurement. The user interface allows extensive analyzis of the received position data and test reports based on selectable standards are easily created. All measurments are permanently saved in the machine profile and can be accessed at any time. This allows longterm evaluations and comparisons of the machine behaviour. 

If the detected deviations are too high, the AxisCalibration software can use the measurement data to create correction tables. This allows for compensation of repeatable machine errors and thereby increases the accuracy significantly.

In combination with the fiber based and modular design of the IDS3010 the measurment setup is very flexible and the sensor heads can be installed even in confined spaces. This enables fast preparation and efficient execution of the calibration task, which eventually reduces machine downtime. Furthermore, the compactness and lightweight design of all sensor components allow easy and comfortable transportation.


Automated Measurement

measurement specific CNC process

Step by step definition of measurement tasks based on international standards or user specific requirements. The generated CNC code controls the machine and the software triggers the position measurement when the selected positions are reached with a defined stability. This allows full automation and immediate observation of the detected deviations.  


Test Report

based on international standards

The intuitive user interface allows sophisticated visualization and analysis of the results. All measurements are permanently saved in the machine profile and can be exported or compared directly to identify long-term phenomena. The data is summarized in calibration certificates by simply selecting an official standard and print the report.



machine specific error compensation

The detected deviations can be used to create correction tables and compensate repeatable machine errors. These correction files are automatically generated by the software for various control interfaces and are easily transferred to the machine. The achieved accuracy improvement can be analyzed by simply repeating the measurement and doing a before and after comparison.


Included Standards

  • ISO 230
  • VDI/DGQ 3441
  • ASME B5.54
  • VDI/VDE 2617
  • ISO 10360

Control Interfaces

  • Siemens
  • Heidenhain
  • Fidia
  • Fanuc
  • Fagor
  • Mazak
  • Bosch