Cryostats & Compressors

cryogenic equipment for the quantum age

Fundamental research in physics and sample characterization in materials science often require the use of low temperatures and cryogenic equipment. Many phenomena also involve the application of high magnetic fields, usually generated by superconducting magnets. In addition, emerging quantum industry topics, centered around quantum computing, quantum sensing and quantum communication, inherently demand cryogenic environments.

attocube has quantum imprinted into its DNA and has been working with leading pioneers from all relevant areas over the last decades. Today, attocube is the market leader for compact closed-cycle cryostats, both for research applications as well as for quantum technology companies. The portfolio comprises ultra-low vibration cryostats both for magneto- and quantum optical applications as well as sensitive scanning probe microscopy, with unmatched and proven low vibration performance (read more about why to choose a closed-cycle cryostat here).

This line of attoDRY cryostats constitutes unique concepts in terms of unobstructed optical access through integration into an optical table, as well as through the combination of ultra-low vibrations with variable temperature, high magnetic fields and sensitive microscopy. 

In addition, the attoCMC, a new line of 19-inch rack compatible closed-cycle mobile cryogenics, is designed as a key enabling technology for the quickly progressing industrialization of quantum technological concepts. The combination of an ultra-compact cryostat and compressor allows the implementation of quantum experiments in cramped physics laboratories with prohibitive demands on space, power and infrastructure and to advance these technologies towards a truly large-scale and industry-ready format.