Low Temperature Nanopositioners

Low Temperature Nanopositioners

piezo-based nano drives for cryogenic environments

attocube’s cryogenic nanopositioners are based on a patented piezo drive mechanism, and are designed for reliable nanopositioning over centimeter ranges with the highest precision under extreme environmental conditions such as cryogenic temperatures, high magnetic fields, and ultra high vacuum.

Special non-magnetic materials like Titanium and Beryllium Copper are used for operation down to millikelvin temperatures. The two most typical footprints available are designed for typical bore sizes of strong superconducting magnets. The modular design enables the assembly of several stages to positioning units with up to six degrees of freedom.

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Extreme Environments

The non-magnetic low temperature nanopositioners meet the challenge of nanoprecise, commercially available positioning systems working reliable under extreme environmental conditions. Suitable models are available for cryogenic temperatures, high and ultra high vacuum.

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Closed Loop Control

Exact and repeatable positioning in absolute and relative terms is an easy task for all low temperature nanopositioners with implemented encoders. Depending on the positioner type and model up to two different encoder options are available: a resistive encoder optimized for cryogenic applications and an optoelectronic encoder adjusted for applications at ambient temperatures.

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Multi Axis Operation

attocube‘s low temperature nanopositioners are available in a large variety of designs, sizes, and travel ranges. They can be stacked directly on top of each other and thus offering highest flexibility for multi-axis operation.

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Large Travel Ranges

Low temperature nanopositioners take advantage of attocube‘s patented inertial drive technology, which is dedicated for use in extreme working environments. Controllable motion over centimeter ranges with small and reproducible steps can also be achieved in cryogenic environments, where PZT piezo ceramics are usually limited to scanning ranges of only a few microns.

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