Compact Mobile Cryogenics

Compact Mobile Cryogenics

infrastructure autonomy for sub 4K applications

Quantum communication technologies are starting to develop into a rising industry branch of their own. The associated light sources and detectors/sensorics mostly require cryogenic cooling. In order to scale up this new industry and make it accessible for commercial use, compact, autonomous, and low power cryogenics are a vital key condition.

With the Compact Mobile Cryogenics (CMC) product line, attocube offers a revolutionary compressor technology together with high-performance cryogenic cooling systems, that operate on low power consumption and without the use of cooling water. This liberates the user from previous severe constraints in terms of infrastructure, space, and energy costs and makes the technology accessible for a broad user community. This new line of 19-inch rack compatible closed-cycle systems kick-starts industrial cryogenic applications based on truly compact cryostats & compressors that can even be used in mobile applications.


Low Heat Generation

The Compact Mobile Cryogenics systems have a low heat generation that allows the usage in most vented or climatized rooms without additional cooling infrastructure. The system does not require cooling water.


19-inch Rack Compatibility

The Compact Mobile Cryogenics systems are the first full cryostat and compressor systems that are designed to be mounted into standard 19-inch racks.


Mobile Cryogenic Applications

The first Helium compressor system for sub-4K applications that allows real mobile application. It not only offers an easy portability without transport locks, but it can be moved, tilted and even can resist light shocks during operation.


Smart, Autonomous & Sustainable

The compressor offers remote control, and its cooling power can be adjusted for energy saving operation and standby modes, thus enhancing the lifetime of the full compressor and the coldhead.