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The mission to enable scientific impact has kept attocube at the frontier of cutting edge research instrumentation. Decades of combined experience in all relevant fields, an excellent team, and close connections to leading universities worldwide have evolved into a broad portfolio of nanopositioners, cryostats, scanning probe and confocal microscopes and other measurement tools. All products are developed in accordance with attocube’s principles of compact design and precision, while maintaining highest standards in terms of user friendliness, ease of integration as well as stable and reliable operation.

Working at the forefront of science sometimes requires completely new instrumentation. attocube is constantly monitoring new trends in research as well as collaborating with some of the world’s leading scientists to support significant breakthroughs with new techniques. This has resulted in many sophisticated material characterization tools, which have provided our customers a competitive edge in their fields. attocube has gained and maintained a reputation in the scientific community for competence and ingenuity, by helping to identify the right product for any research task, and for sometimes even making possible the seemingly impossible.

Core Competences & Key Strengths

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Solution Oriented Spirit

Over the years, attocube has gained and maintained a reputation in cold science to deliver unique products for the challenges in today’s cutting edge research in physics and materials science by working with leading scientists from all over the world.
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Proven Performance

When it comes to cryogenic temperatures down to mK, and high magnetic fields, attocube has an excellent track record with proven performance for any of its products and solutions, with more than 6000 patented cryogenic positioners, > 200 low temperature scaning probe or confocal microscopes, and > 250 cryostats installed worldwide.
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Competitive Edge

Our products are designed to minimize the ‘time-to-market’ for groundbreaking scientific results – an asset, which grows in importance for hot topics in a global research world. This has been proven by many success stories around our instruments.
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Single Source Supplier

By vertical integration of our broad portfolio, from nanopositioners and cryostats to complete scanning probe microscopy solutions, attocube is in a unique position within the market for laboratory equipment for cold science. The control of all components by in-house core technology enables attocube to redefine the state-of-the-art continuously.
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Expert Service on all Levels

About 30% of our employees hold a PhD in a scientific field related to our customers’ research. As a result, everyone in our sales team, the project leaders in production, and our after sales support team are dedicated to understand your applications, and to help you achieve your scientific goals supported by our enabling technology.
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In-house Research Lab

In order to maintain attocube’s technology leadership, our InnoVision department seeks advanced technology solutions for cutting edge problems, always challenging the limits of precision. It plays an active role in the scientific community, e.g. as industrial partner of several EU projects within the quantum initiatives.

Enabling Scientific Impact

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The world's leading scientists trust attocube.

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