compact, rack mountable cryostat system

most compact full 2.3 K cryostat on the market

integration of cooled quantum devices in 19” rack systems

air-cooled, low heat generation (1kW), single phase

autonomous from special infrastructure

fully automated cooldown & operation

user-friendly push button solution

The attoCMC is the most compact cryostat system on the market operating below 5 K, with a base temperature down to below 2.3 K. It combines the new IGLU compressor technology with a high-performance cryostat and is independent from heavy laboratory infrastructure, thus revolutionizing the emerging market for quantum information processing.

It can be rack-mounted in basically any environment with minimal space and power requirements. Therefore, it provides the ideal platform for all applications that require cryogenically cooled sensorics like SNPSDs or quantum devices such as single photon sources. 

This takes quantum applications out of the lab and into the field, where first demonstrators are already set up to enable quantum secure communication networks, as well as ultra-compact quantum computers, e.g. based on cold ion trapping, or photonic qubits in semiconductors.

Cryogenic Tablet


System Description
self-contained compact cryostat19-inch rack mountable, 10U
integrated air-cooled compressorspeed regulation - „adaptive power“
sliding vacuum space for cold plate accessethernet interface for remote control
Temperature performance (base system)
base temperature2.3 K
cooling power50 mW @ 2.8K
integrated thermometer (4-wire, connected to base wiring).
Vacuum and feedthrough specifications
sample environmentcryogenic vacuum
leak rate of vacuum< 5e-9 mbar l/s
El. feedthrough and wiring for base operation6 contacts as twisted pairs (4 Manganin, 2 Brass), 12 contacts optional
additional feedthrough options5 Feedthrough plates for wiring upgrades
KF25 flange for additional fiber or wire integration
General Specifications
shield diameter70 mm (others on request)
cold plate diameter45 mm
cold plate free space to shield58 mm
mounting19 inch rack mounting with removeable wheels and handles
ambient temperature10..30 °C (non-condensing)
dimensions446 x 177 x 641 mm, 17.5“ x 10.5“ x 25.25“excluding backside connections and compressor
weightapprox. 100kg including compressor
country of originFederal Republic of Germany
Electrical Specifications
maximum input power< 1.4 kW
AC input voltage and line frequencysingle phase 230 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz 110 V option with external transformer
remote operationEthernet interface (ADS and webserver)
Compressor specifications (included)
dimensions446 x 266 x 641 mm, 17.5“ x 10.5“ x 25.25“excluding handles, wheels and front panel
compressor driveinverter driven pump
air cooling.
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Air Cooling & Full Rack Integration

minimal footprint, low heat generation, and autonomy from laboratory infrastructure


Smart, Autonomous & Sustainable

remote control, adjustable cooling power, enhanced overall lifetime


Easy to Integrate

sliding vacuum space for coldplate access


Feedthrough Options

feedthrough plates and KF25 for fiber and (coaxial) wiring access