enables ultrafast science at the nanoscale

fully integrated turn-key system

for concentrating on research rather than on technology

highest temporal resolution

using chirp-free optics for light focusing and collection

unprecedented customization potential

by flexible hardware & software interfaces

IR-neaSCOPE+fs pushes the spatial resolution limits of pump-probe spectroscopy. Based on nano-FTIR fs-laser system, it provides a fully integrated hardware & software solution for capturing time dynamic phenomena at the nanoscale. 

Patented dual-beam design, dispersion-free optics and optional SDK provide compatibility with a large variety of pump & probe lasers for the realization of sophisticated high-power experimental setups and ground-breaking ultrafast research.

Customer Feedback

Prof. Rupert Huber

University of Regensburg, Department of Phyics, Germany

The unique dual beam-path design of the neaSCOPE near-field microscope makes neaspec the natural choice for ultrafast spectroscopy at the nanoscale.

Prof. Dmitri Basov

Columbia University, Department of Physics New York, USA

The neaSCOPE microscope with it’s imaging and nano-FTIR mode is the most useful research instrument in years, bringing genuinely new insights.

Dr. Dangyuan Lei

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of Applied Physics, Hong Kong

We propose to establish a complete set of nano-FTIR and scattering-type s-SNOM in order to stay competitive in nanophotonics research as well as to maintain our state-of-the-art design and fabrication of novel nanomaterials. Only because of the unique technology from neaspec we were able to win this desirable university grant.

Dr. Ian Lindsay

University of Bristol, School of Physics Bristol, UK

I needed a flexible experimental platform with a high degree of optical access. The highly modular design of neaSCOPE provides an ideal foundation for the development of my own experiments on top of it.