Introducing Ultrafast Nanoscopy

In this webinar you will be introduced to a new technology which provides

  • high performance with low peak-power lasers
  • 100% pointing stability & chirp-free optics
  • fully integrated turn-key system.

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IR Nanoscopy with Ultrabroad Tunable Source

In this webinar you will be introduced to a new laser source which provides:

  • widest tuning range 550-7000 cm-1
  • compatibility with s-SNOM and AFM-IR
  • < 4 cm-1 linewidth for rapid nanoscale chemical mapping

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Live DEMO: Smart Interactive User Experience

In this webinar you will be introduced to a new software feature which allows you to:

  • speed-up your first-use with video examples and recommended parameters
  • perform complex measurements even by new users following guided instructions
  • rely on automatic detection of errors and assist you with interactive suggestions.

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Live DEMO: AFM-IR Imaging & Spectroscopy

In this webinar you will learn how to achieve:

  • artefact-free absorption measurements without mechanical influence
  • maximum performance without sample damage
  • high-quality results independent from user experience.

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