Ultrafast Nanoscopy

brings the power of pump-probe spectroscopy to the nanoscale

Ultrafast pump-probe nanoscopy enables study of dynamic processes in nano-materials by providing time-resolved spectroscopy with nanoscale spatial resolution.



Ultrafast nanoscopy requires accurate temporal & spatial overlap of two non-collinear laser beams from different spectral regions, while providing background-free detection of near-field signals.


neaspec pump-probe systems are equipped with patented dual-beam parabolic mirror and all-reflective chirp-free optics for accurate simultaneous focusing of laser pulses onto the tip. Combined with proprietary femtosecond laser sources and best light detection technologies (e.g. nano-FTIR, THz-TDS), neaspec delivers ready-to-use nanoscale pump-probe suitable for visible, IR and THz measurements.


neaspec’s ultrafast pump-probe nanoscopy is based on nano-FTIR setup comprising an asymmetric interferometer where the AFM tip and the sample are located in one of the interferometer arms. Such scheme enables the detection of amplitude and phase of the tip-scattered light, delivering sample reflectivity and absorption. Patented dual-beam parabola allows for simultaneous focusing of the pump beam to the tip. All-reflective optics facilitates the utilization of sources through mid- and near-IR, THz, visible and even UV spectral ranges. Integrated delay lines and pulse synchronization ensure effortless accurate temporal overlap of pulses and allow for detecting sample response as a function of time. An exclusive femtosecond laser designed specifically for nanoscale IR spectroscopy integrates both the pump and the probe sources and provides outstanding temporal resolution for probing ultrafast dynamics.

Technology Benefits


Ultrafast nano-spectroscopy with 10 fs temporal resolution capable of quantitative analysis of carrier dynamics in semiconducting nanostructures, e.g. InAs nanowires.


10nm spatial resolution for nanoscale time resolved mapping of pump-induced sample properties, disregarding sample material & morphology.


Nanoscale time-resolved imaging with 10 nm spatial resolution in e.g. exfoliated graphene multilayers.


Integrated THz-TDS pump-probe for nanoscale analysis and depth analysis of carrier dynamics upon photoexcitation.