Loan Service for IDS

testing the interferometer under real conditions

attocube’s laser interferometer is suitable for a broad field of applications. Since each application case has its own constraints and interfaces, the real benefits of the IDS appear when it is used under real conditions.

For checking the applicability and performance of the laser interferometer, attocube offers a loan service for testing it. This allows to use the interferometer under real conditions and to estimate its benefits and accuracy.

Displacement Sensor, IDS3010, Loan Service

  1. IDS including accessories (e.g. power supply)
  2. Environmental Compensation Unit (ECU)
  3. Selection of collimating and focusing sensor heads for ambient conditions
  1. Mounting Kits for aligning the sensor head
  2. Optical items: glass target, plane mirror,and retroreflector
  3. Fiber cleaning tool
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  • Loan Period
    The loan service allows to use & test the interferometer for up to 2 weeks.
  • Data for Installation/Integration
    All documents, software and DLLs for using and integrating the device into the environment are provided with the loan package.
  • Expert Consulting for Installation
    Our experienced team supports the whole process of installation and integration and provides advice for your projects.