Loan Service for Nanopositioners

test attocube nanopositioners under real conditions

attocube's nano-precise piezo positioning stages are applied in a wide range of applications. Since each application has its own constraints and requirements the real benefits appear when using the positioners under real conditions. attocube therefore offers two types of positioner loan kits. Both are based on positioners from our EC*5050 product line for ambient conditions.

Customers can choose between the 'Main Kit', which provides 6 standard EC*5050 linear, rotatory and goniometric positioners and the 'Lift Kit', which gives the possibility to perform xyz-applications with a lifting capability of up to 22 N. Convince yourself of the outstanding precision and reliability of attocube positioners and test their performance in your own set-up.

Main Loan Kit


The main loan kit includes:
  • attocube positioners: 2 x ECSx5050, ECSz5050, ECR5050, ECGt5050, ECGp5050
  • AMC100 controller
  • DS4 remote controller
  • Accessoires

The main loan kit allows you to build different setups with up to 6 DoF. Due to the variety of stages for linear, rotatory and goniometric translation, almost every type of movement is possible.

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Lift Loan Kit


The lift loan kit includes:
  • attocube positioners: ECSx5050, ECSxy5050
  • AMC100 controller
  • Lift Kit (incl. all necessary accessoires)

The lift loan kit allows you to build a setup for xyz-movement with a lifting capability of up to 22N.


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  • Loan Period
    The loan service allows to use & test the positioners for up to 2 weeks.
  • Data for Installation/Integration
    All documents, software and DLLs for using and integrating the stages and the controller are provided with the loan package.
  • Expert Consulting for Installation
    Our experienced team supports the whole process of installation and integration and provides advice for your projects.