RT Transmission

vacuum shroud for transmission measurements with RT objectives

attodry800 shrouds, rt transmission, overview
  1. RT transmission vacuum shroud for use with 2 room temperature objectives
  2. 8*9 M6 breadboard mounting holes on lid (12.5 mm grid)
  3. cold shield
  4. cold plate
  5. ANPx311 and ANPz102 for 2D in-plane sample motion
  1. vacuum windows 1” (25.4 mm) x 1 mm, cold shield windows 0.75” (19.05 mm) x 0.5 mm; window material fused silica (others on request)
  2. ASH/800/RT-transmission sample holder for transmission measurements with 3.5 mm aperture; designed for max. sample size 10 mm x 10 mm x 1 mm
  3. ATC100 thermal link
attodry800 shrouds, rt transmission, open
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  • Lateral transmission configuration for use with 2 room temperature objectives and xz positioners (for 2D motion within sample plane)
  • Intended for external focussing (no y positioner included)
  • sample holder with  3.5 mm aperture and temp. sensor & heater included
  • WD = 4.5 mm / 7.5 mm (side 1/side2)
  • Max. diameter RT objective < 40 mm
  • feedthrough ring with blind flanges included, DC/SMA/fiber feedthroughs optional