LT-APO Objective

vacuum shroud for use with low temperature objective

Our unique LT-APO low temperature objectives with high numerical apertures allow to maximize the collection efficiency over a broad wavelength range when optical signals are weak such as from single photon sources. Since sample and objective are both cold, this configuration also maximizes the overall stability of the setup. In the standard configuration, the sample sits on an xy positioner stack, while a z-positioner on the objective mount serves for focussing motion.

attodry800 shrouds, lt-apo, overview
  1. attoDRY800 LT-APO vacuum shroud for use with low temperature objective
  2. cold shield
  3. top vacuum window 25 mm x 1.5 mm, cold shield top window 12.7 mm x 0.375
  4. 4x side vacuum windows 40 mm x 4 mm, 4x cold shield windows 25 mm x 4 mm; window material fused silica (others on request)
  5. cold plate
  6. ANPxy311 positioners + ATC100/Si thermal link with integrated Si diode & heater
  1. ASH/PCB/20 with 20 optional electrical contacts wired to twisted pairs
  2. LT-APO objective on separate mounting post
  3. ANPx311 for z focus of objective with thermal link for objective
  4. 30 mm x 30 mm & 60 mm x 60 mm cage system mounting threads centered around top window; 4x c moval included
  5. feedthrough ring with blind flanges included,
  6. DC/SMA/fiber feedthroughs optional
attodry800 shrouds, lt-apo, open
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  • base temp: 3.5 .. 4.5 K
  • cooldown time (T< 5 K): 4 .. 6 h
  • standard configuration for use with internal LT-APO low temperature objective and xyz positioners
  • minimal sample drift, broadband high collection efficiency
  • compatible with 30 mm & 60 mm cage system
  • optional sample holder with 20 optional electrical contacts; temp. sensor & heater included
  • feedthrough ring with blind flanges included, DC/SMA/fiber feedthroughs optional