RT free-beam/5-sides

vacuum shroud with medium WD for RT objectives from 5 sides

This vacuum shroud features 5 optical windows for simultaneous low working distance from 3 sides or more. The typ. minimum working distance from the top is 11 mm, from the side ports it is 16 mm with the sample still centered; the actual value depends on the position of the region of interest on the sample itself, its position on the sample holder, and the travel position of the nanopositioners. The shroud is compatible with a set of xyz positioners, and typically hosts a dedicated sample holder specifically designed for this configuration. The shroud is compatible with the 60 mm cage system for mounting optical components on the outside, and features the standard feedthrough ring compatible with all usual optional feedthrough types.

attodry800 shrouds, rt free beam, overview
  1. RT-free-beam/5-sides vacuum shroud for use with up to 5 room temperature objectives
  2. cold shield
  3. 5 vacuum windows 10 mm x 1 mm, 5 cold shield windows 10 mm x 0.5 mm; window material fused silica (others on request)
  4. cold plate
  1. ANPxy311 positioners
  2. ATC100 thermal link
  3. ASH with integrated Si diode & heater
attodry800 shrouds, rt free beam, open
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  • base temp.: 3.3 .. 3.8 K
  • cooldown time (T< 5 K): < 5 h
  • special configuration for use with up to 5 room temperature objectives and xyz positioners
  • 5 optical ports for free-beam access
  • WD = 11 mm (top), 16 mm (sides) at center; depends on position of sample on sample holder and on position of ANPxyz positioners
  • compatible with 60 mm cage system
  • feedthrough ring with blind flanges included, DC/SMA/fiber feedthroughs optional