Photonic Probe Station

vacuum shroud for photonic probe station incl. optical side access

Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) are hot candidates for becoming the key components of the next generation of optical and quantum communication systems. The Photonic Probe Station vacuum shroud allows for integration of two optical lensed-fiber probes from the side for coupling light into planar waveguides, and a free-beam confocal top access for nano photonic device characterization. In addition, the vacuum shroud offers side access with an additional room temperature objective from the outside.

attodry800 shrouds, photonic probe station, overview
  1. attoDRY800 vacuum shroud for photonic probe station setup
  2. cold shield
  3. top vacuum window 25 mm, cold shield top window 20 mm
  4. additional window for side inspection 25 mm x 1 mm; window material fused silica or N-BK7 (others on request)
  5. cold plate
  1. ANPxy311/RES positioners for xy translation of sample and fiber probes
  2. 2x ANPxyz51/RES for xyz translation of fiber probes
  3. LT-APO objective on separate mounting post
  4. ANPx311 for z focus of objective with thermal link for objective
  5. feedthrough ring with blind flanges included, DC/SMA/fiber feedthroughs optional
attodry800 shrouds, photonic probe station, open
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  • base temp: < 4 K
  • cooldown time (T< 5 K): < 6.5h
  • vacuum shroud for use with internal LT-APO low temperature objective and lensed-fiber probes for side illumination & detection of waveguide structures
  • minimal sample drift, broadband high collection efficiency
  • sufficient space for 9 degrees of freedom to independently position    sample, focus, and 2 fiber probes
  • side access with additional window for RT optics