Vacuum Shrouds

overview of different options

The idea behind the world‘s first cryo-optical table is that the user receives a high quality optical table from of his choice, which has an integrated cold plate of 75 mm in diameter. The cryostat is an integral part of the table, and comes in a standard configuration. The position of this cold plate can be chosen upon order.

Anything above the table surface can be customized according to the technical requirements and preferences of the user and his/her application. From more than 25 years working at the forefront of cryogenic optics applications, as well as learning from our users, and anticipating typical configurations, we have designed several standard vacuum shrouds and cold shields, that are intended for certain types of positioners, sample holders, working distances and objectives.

These options constitute an economic pre-configured set of components that give the user a head start for his research with optics at low and variable temperatures.

Most of our standard shrouds feature clever extensions by default, such as a feedthrough ring for optional additional DC, SMA and fiber feedthroughs, as well as a 30 mm and 60 mm cage system with quick release adapters centered around the top window.