advanced control for attocube cryostats

Providing scientists with the best tools to shape the world of tomorrow is the mission at attocube. Accordingly, we want our cryostats to be much more than cooling devices: we offer authentic playgrounds for innovative ideas, which aim to be easel and canvas for your scientific masterpieces.

That is why we have equipped all the automated cryostats (attoDRY800xs, attoDRY800, attoDRY2100) with eNSPIRE, the new advanced control system and user interface. It manages all cryostat functions with the maximum level of comfort, freedom and personalization, providing a truly joyful user experience. 


Enhanced Live Plotting
eNSPIRE includes an enriched plotting system for the parameters of your cryostat, which can simultaneously be displayed on the same graph. Additionally, you can easily select the data of a specific time-span to be saved, simply by zooming in the plot right before. Finally, the Live Plotting function is not only available in the web server application but also in the touchscreen!


Platform-Independent Webserver
A completely redesigned webserver application can be accessed just by typing the device's IP address, getting access to all the cryostats functions and monitoring the parameters via live plots.


All Functions in one Touchscreen
The range of capabilities offered by the touchscreen includes almost the same level of control as the PC interface, like soft temperature variations for sensitive samples, and definition of specific PID zones for different temperature ranges.


eNSPIRE Features

enjoy the user experience



advanced hardware

The core of eNSPIRE is a completely renewed electronics, combining attocube experience and cutting-edge components. The result is a user experience fusing superior control, superb responsiveness, and versatility.


Live Plots & Logging

usability at its best

With great power come great… features! With eNSPIRE you can keep track of the cryostat functions through multiparameter graphs with customizable features, which can be displayed and saved altogether in different formats. Moreover, thanks to a whole-year logfile history, you can retrieve information about any cooldown within the last 365 days. 


Superior Temperature Control

Lake Shore inside

For class-leading temperature accuracy and control, we partnered with Lake Shore Cryotronics. With more than 75 years of combined cryogenic experience, we are proud to be offering our most advanced control platform yet. The highly optimized automatic control scheme reduces wasted time between temperature steps, allows slew rate limitations in both field and temperature for sensitive samples, and minimizes noise to offer a highly stable sample stage with multiple PID zones to fine-tune your settings. Additional control schemes are also available for those who want to have more direct control over their system, with options to interact both via software interfaces, as well as the integrated touchscreen.


Integrated Webserver

platform independent

The calling card of eNSPIRE is a redesigned web interface, always accessible from wherever in the world you have internet connection, with remote access safeguarded by password protection and security updates. This platform-independent control software offers the possibility to save and reload different user sessions with customizable cockpits and presets, which can also be meant for different types of experiments.


Magic Touch

no PC required

Thanks to a large touchscreen, fully equipped with an advanced user interface, live plots, high resolution, and responsiveness, your cryostat can be driven and controlled locally without losing functionalities.
Just with your fingertip!



powerful API

Do you need to add elaborate control or programming schemes? eNSPIRE includes an almost unlimited set of pre-implemented libraries as Application Programming Interface (API) wrappers for multiple languages and operating systems, including Python, MATLAB, LabView, C and C#.



turn-key operation

eNSPIRE is intuitive, reliable and flexible, making you forget about cryostat operations and offering the perfect conditions to focus on what really matters to you: Science!