high pressure cell module

screw-driven diamond anvil cell

pressures up to 50 GPa

integrated ultra-long WD cryogenic objective

compensated for diamond, apchromatic range

integrated nanopositioners

xy translation of DAC, z focus of objective

The attoHPC high pressure cell module allows for measurements over the full range of the attoDRY2100, enabling access to large magnetic fields of up to 12 T, or even vector fields (such as 5-2-2 T), and to a temperature range between 1.65 .. 300 K. The design incorporates attocube's proven cryogenic, apochromatic objectives for free-beam access and negligible drift (in this case with ultra-long working distance, and compensated for the index of refraction of diamond) Hence, Raman spectroscopy and other confocal techniques are fully compatible with the attoHPC module. Even quantum sensing to detect phase transitions purely optically can be employed by using appropriately prepared special diamond anvils with implanted NV centers. 

The region of interest inside the DAC can be chosen by lateral motion of the whole DAC, which is sitting on a xy nanopositioner stack. As an alternative to the screw-driven cell, a membrane based DAC is available on request, which then even allows for variable pressure combined with variable field, temperature and free-beam optics. Finally, transport measurements under high pressure are also possible via electrical contacts.

Cryogenic Tablet


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measurement tools, attoHPC, features, cryoDAC.png

cryoDAC atto

compact screw-driven diamond anvil cell

measurement tools, attoHPC, features, optiprexx ruby lux.png

Optiprexx Ruby Lux

compact PL system for ruby manometry (optional upgrade)