Optical Breadboard Add-On

option for attoDRY1000/2100

attocube’s breadboard add-on offers easy access for challenging optical experiments conducted in cryogenic temperatures and high magnetic fields. Various components can be mounted onto the optical platform, which can be directly attached to any of attocube’s top-loading cryostats (attoDRY1000/2100).

The elaborate design enables a seamless integration of platform and cryostat, thus offering maximum stability for free-beam experiments.

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Indcluded Components:
  • breadboard drawer 500 mm x 475 mm x 12.7 mm
  • metric (M6 threads on 25 mm centers)
  • mounting kit for base plate of removable drawer
Article Art.No.
optical breadboard add-on for attDRY 1010928


Mount your Optics Directly on the Cryostat

cryostats, features, optical breadboard add on, mount your optics directly on the cryostat

One of the most impressive examples of how attocube’s breadboard add-on for the toploading dry cryostats can help to conduct quite influential science has been set up by the French group around Dr. Pascale Senellart at the Laboratory for Photonics and Nanostructures at CNRS. The group has pioneered a technique called in-situ optical lithography at low temperatures which consists of three independent optical channels for confocal microscopy mounted on the breadboard on top of the cryostat.

Customer Feedback

Dr. Pascale Senellart

Laboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures, LPN-CNRS, Marcoussis, France

We wanted to modify our cryogenic in-situ lithography setup to a dry cryogenic technology. This setup is our most demanding one, requiring sophisticated multicolor optical alignment and long term stability. attocube‘s new breadbord add-on to the attoDRY1000 offers great flexibility to our measurements: it provides enough space for three different excitation lines, a camera visualization, and still we can easily add additional optical components like polarization control, etc. Everything worked perfectly well right after installation and we could immediately start again our most demanding resonant fluorescence measurements. The optical stability is even better than before!