microscopes, accessories, vacuum tube

Vacuum Tube

for attocube microscopes

customized vacuum tube for attocube microscope

Article Art.No.
vacuum tube for attocube microscope,
customized length


microscopes, accessories, sample holders

Sample Holders

for microscopes and/or cryostats

The following sample holders are available as standard upgrade options for either sets of positioners, cryostats, or full microscopes. They differ in size, existence or number of electrical contacts, and application or intended usage. Please have a look at the extended overview (see download button) for more information on the detailed features.

Sample holder Art. No.
ASH/QE/0 1006287
ASH/QE/4CX 1013376
Tray for 3x ASH/QE/4CX sample holders 1011525
ASH/QE/8/CFM 1012172
ASH/PCB/12 1005710
ASH51/PCB/GND 1013377
ASH51/PCB/4+GND 1013378
ASH/SWD 1012785
ASH/Zvar 1013138
ASH/PCB/12mini 1013138
ASH/CC/20 1007229
Base plate Ti base 1006900
Base plate Cu base 1004347


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microscopes, accessories, fibers and feedthroughs

Fibers & Feedthroughs


Vacuum Feedthrough: for AFM fiber incl. 5 m patch cable, FC/APC-FC/APC for 1310nm/1550nm(spare part for fiber conection between microscope head and LDM1300)
attoAFM/MFM I(+): replacement fiber (on the vacuum side) AFM/MFM I ferrule, FC/APC mini plug, L=2m
attoAFM I xs: replacement fiber (on the vacuum side) AFM/MFM Ixs ferrule, FC/APC mini plug, L=1,25m


Article Art.No.
Vacuum feedthrough for AFM fiber 1013019
attoAFM/MFM I(+) 1008196
attoAFM Ixs replacement fiber 1008197

microscopes, accessories, cantilever holder

Cantilever Holders


attoAFM/MFM I(+): alignment-free cantilever holder compatible with PointProbe® Plus XY-Alignment Series by Nanosen sors, AFM tip exchange in less than 2 minutes
attoAFM/MFM I: cantilever holder (spare part for 2“ microscope), compatible with standard commercial cantilevers, manual alignement
attoAFM I: cantilever holder (spare part for 1” microscope), compatible with standard commercial cantilevers, manual alignement

Article Art. No.
attoAFM/MFM I(+) alignment-free cantilever holder 1008773
attoAFM/MFM I cantilever holder (2”) 1003591
attoAFM I cantilever holder (1”) 1004385