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Signal Performance

Nanonis TrameaTM

The Nanonis Tramea™ hardware delivers stunning signal performance which was previously unthinkable for a similar multi-channel package. It offers high resolution, high precision, low noise, low drift, the highest DC and AC performance and multiple-channel functionality within a single package.

  • High resolution, DA converters offer 20-bit native resolution and 1 ppm precision on every output, 22-bit resolution with hrDAC, and stepsizes down to 5 μV with an output range of ±10 V.
  • A custom-designed input stage followed by 18-bit AD-converters allows the acquisition even of the weakest analog signals while using the full input range of ±10 V. Conventional instruments would require gain switching for achieving similar results.
  • When experiments require energies of just a few μeV, low noise is mandatory. The Nanonis Tramea™ outputs have an extremely low noise floor below 25 nv/√Hz at ±10 V output range. Temperature stabilization reduces output drift to less than 1.5 μV over 12 hours.
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Nanonis Tramea™

  • No hardware handling necessary
  • Better safety for samples
  • Signal routing in digital domain
  • Live signals
  • Multiple measurement techniques at the same time
  • Seamless integration of other instruments

-> Flexibility of a home-built solution & professional quality of an industrial-grade instrument