liquid helium based cryostats for variable temperature operation

he bath cryostat with variable temperature insert

temperature range: 1.8 . . 300 K

attoDAMP anti-noise & -vibrations cabinet

enables sensitive measurements like LT-SPM

superconducting (vector) magnets up to 12 T

enables MFM, SHPM, NV center magnetometry

attocube‘s attoLIQUID2000 superconducting magnet system is based on highly efficient liquid Helium bath cryostats with 50 l cryogenic liquid reservoir, but also includes a variable temperature insert (VTI) for convenient temperature control in the range between 1.8 K and 300 K.
The system includes all necessary components needed for the operation such as the renowned attoDAMP anti-vibration cabinet with acoustic damping, a suitable rotary pump for the VTI, a dual channel temperature controller, a liquid helium level meter and probe, a transfer line and all necessary vacuum fittings.

The system can be equipped with your choice of superconducting magnet, be it a single solenoid (up to 12 T), split coils or 2D/3D vector magnets, including a suitable magnet power supply and the superconducting leads. The magnet can be used in driven or in persistent mode.

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