piezo motion controller for EC* series positioners

The three axes controller AMC100 drives and controls all ambient and vacuum positioners of the EC* series in open and closed loop mode. The AMC100 can be controlled through USB, input/output triggers, or Ethernet and is delivered with Windows based Software, DLL and LabViewTM drivers set and JSON command support and is available with different upgrade options (/PRO, /IO, /IDS, /RC and /Rotation Compensation feature).



Modes of Operation
open loop positioningstepping signals for ECS positioners
closed loop positioningclosed loop control for ECS/NUM positioners
remote operationEthernet Port and USB (with adapter)
Size and Dimensions
chassis22 x 22 x 4.5 cm³
weight2 kg
Controller Hardware
power supply100/115/230V, 50 .. 60 Hz
connectorIEC inlet
connection cable (ELE - POS)1 per axis, length: 2m
Software Drivers
Windows, LinuxDLL, LabVIEW™, JSON
Stand-alone application for Windows XP™, 7™, 8™, 10™
Output Signals
output connectors26-Pin SubD connector
output voltage rangestepping : 0 .. 45 V; fine positioning : 0..45 VDC
frequency rangestepping : 0 .. 5 kHz (1 axis); stepping : 0 .. 2 kHz (3 axes simultaneously)
output currentstepping : max > 16 A peak
maximum capacitance load2 µF
output noise< 5 mVpp (500 kHz bandwidth)
resolution of signal generation680 µV (16 bit)
Trigger Signals
trigger level definitionLVDS, LVTTL
input trigger1 per axis
trigger interfaceGPIO - port
Features and Upgrades
/PRO featureenhanced functionalities and control for closed loop operation
/IO featurerealtime interfacing with external signals (through GPIO port)
/RC remote control featurewireless control of nanopositioners
AMC/IDS closed loop featureinterferometric position control using attocube`s IDS3010
Rotation Compensation featureFeed-forward runout compensation of a rotator by two xy-stages
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