piezo motion controller for AN* series positioners

The AMC300 is attocube’s motion controller for the AN* series positioners. The integrated feedback loop for resistive encoders enables closed loop operation at ambient and vacuum, as well as cryogenic conditions.

Apart from a tabletop version with one to three axes, 19” versions for up to 30 axes have been designed for integration into racks. An integrated touchscreen, a browser-based software, as well as a webserver application and the wireless DS4 remote controller further enhance the device's usability.

AMC300-rear keyvisual.png


General Specifications
type of instrumentmulti-functional piezo controller for closed loop positioners
number of axesup to 3 for table top, up to 6 for rack version
connector to product (pos/mic)3 x D-Sub HD 26-Pin
Modes of Operation
open loop positioningstepping and fine positioning mode for AN* series positioners
closed loop positioningclosed loop control for AN*/RES positioners
remote operationUSB 2.0, Ethernet port, remote control (DS4)
no. device per operationcontrol of multiple devices via one PC via Daisy chaining (/PRO - Feature)
Size and Dimensions
chassis22 x 22 x 8.8 cm³ (table top); 19", 2 rack units (rack versions)
weightapprox. 2 kg (table top); approx. 2.5 kg/4,5 kg (single/double rack)
Controller Hardware
power supply100/115/230V, 50 .. 60 Hz
connectorIEC inlet
connection cable (ELE - POS)1 per axis, length: 2m
Software Drivers
driver optionsdirectly through a JSON-based REST API Wrappers for Python, LabVIEW, Matlab, C-Library (Windows/Lin)
Output Signals
output voltage rangestepping : 0..65 V; fine positioning : ± 65 VDC
frequency rangestepping : 0 .. 5 kHz (1 axis); stepping : 0 .. 2 kHz (3 axes simultaneously)
output currentstepping : max > 16 A peak
maximum capacitance load2 µF
setpoint bandwidth20 Hz
output noisestepping: < 5 mVpp, fine positioning: < 1.3 mVpp (both 500 kHz bandwidth)
resolution of signal generation680 µV (16 bit)
Trigger Signals
trigger level definitionLVDS, LVTTL
input trigger1 per axis
trigger interfaceGPIO - port
Remote Controller
type of remote controllerDS4 Dualshock controller
modes of movementsingle steps and continuous movement (via stick)
wireless range10 meters in free space
connectionBluetooth or cable
Features and Upgrades
dual-channel upgradeactivation of the second axis connector for positioners
tri-channel upgradeactivation of the second and third axis connector for positioners
/PRO feature (always included)enhanced functionalities and control for closed loop operation
/IO feature (always included)realtime interfacing with external signals (through GPIO port)
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