Improved Performance

boost the performance of your nanopositioners

With the AMC300, not only has the usability and design been brought to the next level, but the performance has been improved compared to the precursor – the ANC350.

Thanks to several new features like improved lock-in readout, adjustable slew rate, diagnostic tools and 5-point measurement, improved performance can be achieved. The position noise of the RES readout has been improved significantly compared to the ANC350.

In addition, the closed loop feedback position stability can be further enhanced with a balanced feedback bandwidth and fine positioning slew rate. Furthermore, the fine positioning range and the motion control threshold can be changed.


/IO Feature

realtime interfacing with external signals

The /IO feature allows to:

  • trigger positioning movements by input signals
  • send the axis’ positioning information to an external interpreter

The GPIO port (activated with /IO) on the back of the device can be used for the communication of trigger signals. Each position signal consists of two parts transmitted via different pins. The semantics of a signal depend on the used communication protocol. A third pin communicates error signals.

For incoming communication AquadB, Stepper and Trigger protocols are supported. For outgoing communication AquadB and Trigger protocols are supported. The input as well as output mode and parameters can be adjusted on the webserver application's "Interface" screen.


/PRO Feature

enhanced closed loop functionalities

With the AMC300, attocube positioners can be driven in open loop mode. In addition, the controller is designed for closed loop operation of positioners with a resistive encoder (AN*/RES). The /PRO feature further activates the following enhanced closed loop functionalities:  

  • daisy-chaining via Ethernet up- and downlink sockets 
  • setting the number of steps that are implemented with each stepwise move
  • setting the DC level for manual position adjustment
  • setting fine positioning range and fine positioning slew rate
  • activating end-of-travel detection and stopping movement

Programmable Interface

automate your workflow for various environments

The device's functions can be accessed over a JSON-based REST API (JRPC), and can be used in almost every environment. 

The AMC300 offers a rich set of pre-implemented libraries as API wrappers for several languages and operating systems: Currently those include Python, Matlab, LabView, C (DLL/so) and C# (DLL).

Dedicated interface manuals and quick start examples for every language help you to get started quickly.


Remote Control

wireless control of nanopositioners

With the wireless remote controller, it is possible to control and drive nanopositioners without or in addition to a PC. Three buttons and the haptic feedback display are pre-set for basic functions. The remaining 12 buttons and two control sticks can be configured individually. The buttons can be programmed with different functions like stepwise or continuous movement of positioners.

Configuration can be done directly via the touchscreen of the AMC300 or within the webserver application and can be stored to two separate profiles, named "yellow" and "red". A profile can be configured regardless of whether it is currently active or not. The connection and battery status can constantly be monitored via the WebApp and the display.


Integrated Display

drive and control nanopositioners without a PC

With the device's touchscreen nanopositioners can be driven and controlled without using a PC. The different control panels can be accessed via the menu bar at the top, while the base bar provides information about the connection and the charging status of the remote controller as well as the option to lock or deactivate the display. The DS4 remote controller can also be configured via the touch panel application. 


Control Interface

platform independent webserver and attoDISCOVERY application

For the AMC300 two options are available to access the control interface. Both are platform-independent: The attoDISCOVERY software is a standalone application, while the webserver application can be accessed via web-browser. 

Both applications can be used to control and analyze positioner movements. If the standalone software is installed it can be called up via the respective desktop icon or start menu entry. The webserver application can be started by typing the device's IP address or the device's serial number followed by .local. With this “plug-and-play” approach the webserver application is intuitively easy accessible. 


Diagnostic Tools

measure performance & status indicators

Within the diagnostic tools section, different positioner properties can be measured to verify proper performance. This includes electrical capacitance, electrical resistance of the positioner (including cabling), as well as the device's temperature (ok, medium, high, critical). If the device shows a critical temperature it will deactivate all axes output for safety reasons in case of further heating.

The diagnostic tools section can be found on the PC-based software, the webserver application and the display – to facilitate easy control of nanopositioners with or without a PC. Within the attoDISCOVERY or the webserver application, additional voltage, velocity, and feedback tests can be started. 


Rack Versions

versatile housing variants for different requirements

As handy as a table top controller can be, sometimes a rackversion is preferred or even required in scientific environments/laboratories. attocube offers different rack versions of the AMC300 motion controller. The basic single rack version drives up to three nanopositioners and has the dimensions of a basic 19 inch and 2U sized rack unit. The double version comes in the same size, drives up to six nanopositioners and is based on two independent motion controllers (daisy-chaining available with /PRO feature). 

For bigger setups such as demanding multi-axis or OEM-applications a dedicated OEM rack version with up to 30 axes capacity is available within a 19 inch and 6U sized rack unit. 



axis upgrade via software key

The AMC300 is available with one, two or three activated axes – and up to six axes for the rack version. Moreover, the device's basic 'single-channel' version or a ‘four-channel’ device (rack version only) can be upgraded with the 'dual-channel' upgrade. This upgrade allows to simultaneously drive two positioners – or up to 5 positioners with the double rack version. 

The upgraded 'dual-channel' version, an original 'dual-channel' device or a ‘five-channel’ device (rack version only) can be further upgraded to the 'tri-channel' version to simultaneously drive three positioners – or six positioners with a the double rack version. 

A later upgrade is available in addition, e.g. if the controller is used for another application or an existing setup shall be extended with another positioner.