cryogenic Raman microscope

hyperspectral imaging with unprecedented resolution and speed

automated Raman spectra at each pixel 

low-vibration closed-cycle cryostats

variable temperature at maximum field; solenoid or vector magnets 

suited for wide variety of applications

various upgrades (e.g. low wavenumbers & polarization control)



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"Proof-of-principle measurements with the cryoRaman microscope."

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The cryoRaman - jointly developed by attocube and WITec - integrates attocube’s leading-edge cryostat and nanopositioner technology with the vaunted sensitivity and modularity of WITec’s correlative microscope series.  

The system blends a high-resolution confocal microscope with ultra sensitive optics for micro-Raman spectroscopy at low temperatures and in high magnetic fields. The cryoRaman is a highly user-friendly, turn-key system, delivered with a laser source (available wavelenghts 532nm, 633nm and 785nm, others upon request), an ultra-high throughput spectrometer including a peltier-cooled BI CCD (FI, DD and EMCCD upon request), and a state-of-the-art Raman controller/software package.

The instrument uses a set of xyz-positioners for coarse positioning of the sample over a range of several mm, and a piezoelectric scanner with a large scan range even at cryogenic temperatures. The Raman image is obtained by raster scanning the sample with respect to the laser focus and measuring the spectral distribution of the Raman signal for each pixel.

For the first time, Raman imaging at the lowest temperatures in high magnetic fields is easily accessible with unmatched spatial, spectral and depth resolution.

For more info on Raman microscopy please refer to the​​​​​ fundamentals section.

Cryogenic Tablet


General Specifications
type of instrumentconfocal Raman microscope for low temperatures and high magnetic fields
compatibilityfor a toploader cryostat or integrated into an optical table
objectives/lenseshigh NA cryogenic objectives: LT-APO/532-Raman, LT-APO/633-Raman, LT-APO/NIR, others upon request
key featuresdetection of Raman peaks down to <10 rel. cm-1; many upgrades including polarization control
Modes of Operation
imaging modessingle point measurements or imaging (mapping) of Raman, photoluminescence or fluorescence
optional upgradespolarization control and analysis
lateral resolution<400nm (for 532nm excitation)
vertical resolution<2µm (for 532nm excitation)
spectrometermirror-free high throughput spectrometer with f=300; others upon request
filters<90cm-1 (RayLine Coupler), <10cm-1 (RayShield Coupler) Raman cut-off (optional)
gratingsfor 532nm excitation: 600/mm and 1800/mm (BLZ 500nm) on automated triple grating turret; others upon request
spectral resolution<1cm-1/pixel (1800/mm grating)
CCD camerahigh-sensitivity back-illuminated CCD detector, peltier-cooled to -60 °C at 20 °C room temperature, 1024x127 pixels, 90% quantum efficiency at 532 nm, 100 kHz readout; FI, DD, EMCCD upon request
Sample Positioning
total travel range5 x 5 x 4.8 mm³ (open loop)
step size0.05..3 µm @ 300 K, 10..500 nm @ 4 K
fine scan range50 x 50 µm² @ 300 K, 30 x 30 µm² @ 4 K (open loop)
sample holderASH/QE/8/CFM or ASH/QE/4CX
Suitable Operating Conditions
temperature range1.8K..300K (attoDRY2100)
magnetic field rangeup to 12T (depending on magnet)
excitation wavelength532nm, 633nm, 785nm, others upon request
Scan Controller and Software
scan controllerWITec USB 3.0 FPGA based scan controller providing open loop control of the cryogenic piezo-scanners, spectrometer control and full automation control (if chosen)
softwarepowerful WITec software package for video & data acquisition and analysis
Inspection optics
field of view>40µm diagonal
type of cameracolor video image, good contrast for i.e. 2D materials
Options and Upgrades
automationTruePower (calibrated laser power), automated shutters, automated switching between white light and Raman, automated calibration
additional feedthroughsDC and high-frequency lines & optical fiber feedthroughs
add onsadditional optical breadboards for home-built optics experiments (attoDRY2100)
software upgradeTrueMatch: software for spectra analysis and for building up a spectral library
programming upgradeLabVIEW package: building blocks for writing your own integrated control of temperature, magnet and Raman software
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