WITec Software

powerful and easy to operate


Sample positioning and scanning is realized by attocube positioners and scanners controlled by the novel and intuitive WITec Suite FIVE software. 

  • WITec Suite FIVE includes a powerful software environment for data acquisition, evaluation, and processing of even large data volumes and 3D scans. 
  • the integrated wizard guides the user through the entire experiment, from initial settings and acquisition to data and image post-processing and simplifies the generation of high-quality images.
  • high-speed data acquisition and processing (> 1300 Raman spectra per second)
  • the unique handheld controller EasyLink provides a tactile and immediate interface for directing the automated translation stage, objective turret, illumination and focus.
  • TrueMatch software (optional upgrade) component enables accessing the existing Raman spectral databases, as well as developing the new ones.

For more details visit WITec Suite FIVE software and TrueMatch software