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neaspec (now Nanoscale Analytics business unit @attocube) has gained worldwide attention in the scientific community for inventing a series of breakthrough technologies for nanoscale imaging & spectroscopy. With decades of combined experience in a wide range of nanoscale analytics applications in various disciplines like Semiconductor Technology, Chemistry, Photonics, Polymer Science or even Life-Sciences, an exceptional team of physicists and engineers have developed the neaSCOPE product line. This optical AFM platform offers the most advanced optical techniques plus best in class electrical and mechanical measurement modes, performed at room-temperature, under high vacuum or even under cryogenic conditions.

Collaborating with the world’s leading scientists and suppliers, we developed and offer solutions in visible, NIR, MIR to THz spectral ranges, Raman, TERS and PL spectroscopy, ultrafast pump-probe experiments, all with sub-10 nm spatial resolution and an AFM suite of tools for routine sample characterization to enable best in class correlation nanoscopy in one single instrument. The exceptional usability and flexibility, required for novel materials research in academic institutions and industry research laboratories, makes the neaSCOPE the number one choice worldwide in state-of-the-art nanoscale analytics labs. Together with our customers, we design and manufacture application solutions to enable technological and scientific progress in every lab around the world.

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Core Competences & Key Strengths


Expert Application Know-How

About 60% of our employees hold a PhD in a scientific field which ensures a broad application expertise. This creates a great overlap with your research interests, allowing us to understand your needs and configure & design a perfect system to achieve your scientific goals.


Revolutionary Technology

Designed by the world’s leading experts of apertureless near-field microscopy, our system offers ready-to-use revolutionary patented optical detection techniques. Our continuous software release service ensures that your system is always up-to-date and uses the latest best-in-class measurement modes all on one single platform.


Guaranteed & Proven Performance

Benefit from our excellent track record with proven performance of > 250 installed microscope systems worldwide. Highest quality components and thorough engineering guarantee robust operation and maximum performance of our microscopes. This allows achieving the same high quality results in a repeatable manner.


Highest System Flexibility

Our award-winning modular housing design and the modern software architecture plus SDK enables the highest application flexibility in its class. Together with a plentitude of measurement options, the systems enables outstanding, highly individual research. The scientific impact factor of our clients is more than double as that of any competitor.


User-Friendly Turn-Key Operation

Our modern workflow-based user-interface with a built-in state machine ensures a goal oriented & efficient usage our instruments. In combination with automatized hardware, the neaSNOM platform allows complex measurements to be performed even by non-experienced users.


Live Hands-On Experience

Experience our products live and hands-on in our in-house measurement lab and demo-labs around the globe. Bring your own samples and convince yourself together with an experienced application scientist of the exceptional performance and usability of our microscope systems.

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