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Electrical Vacuum Feedthroughs (EVFT)

EVFTs are used to connect positioners that are mounted in a vacuum chamber to the motion controller. EVFTs are suitable for the usage with EC* as well as AN* series positioners. Two types (KF and CF) in each two sizes (40 and 63), and suitable cabling is available (see cabling).

Article Art. No.
EVFT 40CF (UHV and bake out) 1015853
EVFT 40KF (HV) 1015855
EVFT 63CF (UHV and bake out) 1015854
EVFT 63KF (HV) 1015856

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Adapter Plates EAP

EAPs are adapter plates for the EC* series. There are different sized and shaped EAPs for vertical orientation or cross mounting. EAPs are available in Aluminium (/AL) for RT and Stainless Steel (/StSt) for (U)HV applications. Customized adapter plates are available as well. 

Article Art. No.
EAP 01 - L-Holder for ECSx3030/Al and ECR3030/Al 1005784
EAP 02 - L-Holder for ECSx3030/StSt and ECR3030/StSt 1006818
EAP 03 - L-Holder for ECSx5050/Al 1007996
EAP 04 - L-Holder for ECSx5050/StSt 1008002
EAP 06 - Adapter for ECSx30**/StSt 1008971
EAP 07 - L-Holder for ECSx3040/Al & ECSx3050/Al 1010272
EAP 08 - L-Holder for ECSx3040/StSt & ECSx3050/StSt 1010274
EAP 13 - Adapter for EC*50**/Al 1012606

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ECS Lift

For lifting high loads exceeding the capabilities of the ECSz5050 attocube offers the ECS Lift upgrade kit to compensate the specific load with a force spring. There are two versions available for ECSx3030 and ECSx5050 with a different set of springs each. ECS Lift units can be used in all working conditions as specified for the used EC* series positioners. The load compensated is independent of the vacuum conditions.

Article Art. No.
ECS Lift/3030 1011297
ECS Lift/5050 1011298

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attocube offers a wide variety of different cables. Our cables can be separated in two different types – AMCC: attocube Motion Controller Cabling and AVC: attocube Vacuum Cabling.

AMCC is used to connect the motion controller (AMC100/300) directly to the positioner or to the RT side of the vacuum feedthrough. The name of the AMCC describes the following: AMCC/[number of axes]/[readout]/[connector]/[length]/[environment].

AVC is used within the vacuum chamber and connects a positioner to the vacuum feedthrough (see EVFT). There are three types available, depending on the readout of the positioners (/NUM, /Open Loop, /RES).

Article Art. No.
AMCC/1/NUM/14-Binder/2.0/RT  1020999
AMCC/1/NUM/D-Sub-15/2.0/(U)HV  1013536
AMCC/1/NUM+/D-Sub-15/2.0/(U)HV 1013537
AMCC/1/RES/5-pin/2.0/RT 1020988
AMCC/3/RES/D-Sub-15/2.0/(U)HV  1020369
AVC/NUM 1003816
AVC/Open Loop  1008048
AVC/RES  1003817