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ECS Lift 3030/5050

For lifting high loads exceeding the capabilities of the ECSz5050 attocube offers the ECS Lift upgrade kit. It consists of front and backplate for an existing ECSx positioner and three different constant force springs compensating the specified load. There are two versions available for ECSx3030 and ECSx5050 with a different set of springs each. You can easily change between any of the three springs delivered with the ECS Lift kit. ECS Lift units can be used in all working conditions as specified for the used ECS positioners. The load compensated is independent of the vacuum conditions. The resulting force can be tuned to your application by adding balance weights.

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nanopositioners, accessories, adapter plates eap

Adapter Plates EAP

EAP adapter plates are used for mounting attocube‘s ECS positioners with vertical orientation and cross-mounting of two differently sized ECS positioners.

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nanopositioners, accessories, vacuum feedthrough evft

Vacuum Feedthrough Solution - EVFT

Connecting Industrial Line positioners mounted in a vacuum chamber to the ECC100 requires an additional feedthrough solution. attocube’s EVFT packages comprise flanges, electrical feedthroughs, and suitable cabling.

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