ECSx5050 StSt NUM UHV Nanopositioners for Ambient and Vacuum Conditions
Icon Load

15 kg

Icon Travel Range Linear

30 mm

Icon Travel Range Rotator

0 .. 100°C

Icon Pressure

5E-11 mbar

Icon Resolution

1 nm


linear bearing based nanopositioner for horizontal motion

The ECSx5050 is the positioner with the largest footprint of attocube's Industrial Line. It provides high-resolution positioning over a travel range of 30 mm. For xyz-positioning, two ECSx5050 positioners can be mounted on top of each other and combined with a third one attached to an L-bracket. Its high accuracy is achieved with crossed roller bearings.
Stainless steel is a rugged, cost effective material for the nanopositioner body that is compatible with demanding vacuum conditions up to UHV.
Cryogenic Tablet


Position Encoder
sensor resolution1 nm
repeatability50 nm (bidirectional)
readout mechanismoptoelectronic sensor
encoded travel range
Load (@ ambient conditions)
maximum load15 kg
maximum dynamic force along the axis1 N
Size and Dimensions
footprint; height50 mm x 50 mm; 9.5 mm
maximum installation space50 mm x 81.6 mm; 9.5 mm
weight (aluminium version)70 g
weight (stainless steel version)149 g
positioner bodystainless steel
actuatorPZT ceramics
connecting wirescopper, jacket: RT: silicon, HV/UHV: fiberglass
Coarse Positioning Mode
travel range (step mode)30 mm
maximum drive velocity @ 300 K4.5 mm/s
Fine Positioning Mode
fine linear positioning range @ 300 K1.6 µm
fine positioning resolutionsub-nm
Accuracy of Movement
repeatability of step sizestypically 5 % over full range
typ. forward / backward step asymmetry 0.1
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