ECR3030 StSt NUM UHV Nanopositioners for Ambient and Vacuum Conditions
Icon Load

500 g

Icon Travel Range Rotator

360 ° endless

Icon Room Temperature

0 .. 100°C

Icon Pressure

5E-11 mbar

Icon Resolution

0.01 m°


compact bearing based rotator

The ERC3030 enables precise 360° endless rotation of samples in both directions. It is compatible with any of the other ECS positioners and is the most compact of the bearing based rotators.
The positioner is designed for ultra-high vacuum with pressures down to 1E-9 mbar (/UHV), all rotators can be baked out up to 150 °C .
Stainless steel is a rugged, cost effective material for the nanopositioner body that is compatible with demanding vacuum conditions up to UHV.
Cryogenic Tablet


For a detailed definition of used terms and descriptions please visit our Nanopositioners Glossary

Size and Dimensions
footprint; height30mm x 30 mm; 13.5 mm
weight (stainless steel version)66 g
height13.5 mm
positioner bodystainless steel
actuatorPZT ceramics
connecting wirescopper, jacket: RT: PTFE, HV/UHV: fiberglass
Coarse Positioning Mode
travel range (step mode)360 ° endless
maximum drive velocity @ 300 K10 °/s
input voltage range0 - 45 V
Fine Positioning Mode
fine angular positioning range @ 300 K12 m°
fine positioning resolutionµ°
input DC voltage range0 - 45 V
Position Encoder
readout mechanismoptoelectronic sensor
encoded travel range360°
sensor resolution0.01 m°
sensor power (when measuring)300 mW
repeatability1 m° (bidirectional)
Load (@ ambient conditions)
maximum load500 g
maximum dynamic torque around axis0.5 Ncm
General Specifications
environmentultra-high vacuum
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