ECGt5050 StSt NUM+ HV Nanopositioners for Ambient and Vacuum Conditions
Icon Load

1 kg

Icon Travel Range Gonio

10 °

Icon Travel Range Rotator

0 .. 100°C

Icon Pressure

1E-8 mbar

Icon Resolution

1 µ°


bearing based goniometer for Θ-positioning

The ECGt5050 provides high resolution Θ-positioning over a 10° range. Combined with the ECGp5050, the ECGt5050 forms the upper positioner of a powerful Euler Goniometer with a common center of rotation. It can be combined with a xy-stack of ECSx5050 to add two more degrees of freedom to the motion of the sample.
Stainless steel is a rugged, cost effective material for the nanopositioner body that is compatible with demanding vacuum conditions up to UHV.
Cryogenic Tablet


Size and Dimensions
footprint; height50 mm x 50 mm; 17 mm
distance center of rotation to bottom77 mm
maximum installation space50 mm x 67.6 mm; 19.4 mm
weight (aluminium version)137 g
positioner bodystainless steel
actuatorPZT ceramics
connecting wirescopper, jacket: RT: silicon, HV/UHV: fiberglass
Coarse Positioning Mode
travel range (step mode)10 °
maximum drive velocity @ 300 K3 °/s
Fine Positioning Mode
fine angular positioning range @ 300 K1.4 m°
fine positioning resolutionµ°
Position Encoder
readout mechanismoptoelectronic sensor
encoded travel rangeentire travel
sensor resolution1 µ°
repeatability50 µ° (bidirectional)
Load (@ ambient conditions)
maximum load1 kg
maximum dynamic force along the axis1 N
maximum dynamic torque around axis8.7 Ncm
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